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Whale visits Wy

Whale and Calf at Balmoral 2012

On Wednesday 18th July a mother Right Whale and her newborn calf visited the sheltered waters off the Principality of Wy

The prince‚Äôs first knowledge of it was a noisy helicopter hovering over the Principality.  One of the artists in residence informed him that the helicopter was circling whales, which were swimming, just offshore.  Surfboarders, kayakers, snorkelers,  yachters and put boaters were in close attendance together with several helicopters seen to have photographers hanging out to get the best image of this unusual occurrence. It is not known if the mother whale was pleased by all of the attention.

The symbol of our larger neighbour, Mosman, is a whale. To the prince the scene was symbolic of the geographical relationship that exists between the Principality of Wy and Mosman Council. Here was a large whale and a tiny one swimming together calmly in Balmoral bay.

A princess has just reminded him that the symbol of Wy is a dolphin, not a whale. We thank her.