Hi Wy


The Principality of Wy, being small, is very interested in outer space.

2009 was The International Year of Astronomy and the Principality was ceremoniously presented with a magnificent replica of the famous Galileo Telescope by The Lord Astronomer Serene himself.

The Astronomer Serene proceeded, without further ado, to assemble the telescope, which came in kit form.  A very tiny, but critically important, lens went out with the garbage, (which is still ,by the way, collected by the agency of our neighbour the Municipality of Mosman.)  Equerries complained bitterly as they went through the garbage but fortuitously found the missing lens and the telescope is now complete and functioning.

“Hi Wy”, the Principality of Wy Serene Satellite was not viewable through “Signor Galilleo”, as we now call it affectionately in the Principality, because the satellite was grounded and undergoing routine repairs.

The magnificent Satellite Hi WY is a creation of Prince Paul.  It is made of found objects.  The body or globe of the satellite is a domestic pool pump cleaner and the Astral Sensors are two Victorian Australian Cedar table legs.  The Crown over the sound emitter is made from a French brass candelabra.  At a recent function it regaled us with the music of space. which is actually pretty silent and some people found it a bit boring.   Hi Wy has added to our scientific understanding of the nature of space. By the agency of the two cedar legs an analysis has been made of space itself.  Children will be very pleased to know that, according to HI WY research, space consists of very very thin chocolate sauce. The equerries are excited at the prospect of returning HI WY to space complete with the Galileo Telescope.  This would considerably enhance our international space profile,  place us well above space junk and be an unquestionable answer to the American Hubble Telescope.       Equerry


In the mind of  The Prince, “Anything can become anything.”

Sleeping Prince

As you can imagine the ever active mind of The Prince on occasions becomes tired from creativity.

Here is an image of  The Prince who has fallen asleep after a ceremonial function.  Cheeky Princelings have adorned him in, what some of the Equerries regard as, a somewhat disrespectful manner.