Wy Ryhmes


The Prince writes mellifluous rhyming poems and may deliver them on special occasions.

The poems are, the equerries agree, dulcetly declaimed.  When The Prince is at speaking engagements in Sydney he prefers to present them from the Lectern of Wy.  The handsome Lectern of Wy is a sculptural creation of The Prince and is made from a brass coal scuttle and a brass covered wooden ashtray stand, both being found objects.

Prince Paul believes he has observed that the magical qualities of the lectern of Wy enable shy people appear to become eloquent and those who have never before spoken in their lives demonstrate a delightful musicality in their voices and find words that they did not know they had in their vocabulary.

This has yet to be scientifically tested.

The Prince is rather old fashioned about poetry. He feels that poetry should rhyme.  Should you wish to commission a reading you should visit the Contact Equerries page and send a letter of no longer than one paragraph or an email.   The Prince accepts and charges a modest fee for approved speaking engagements.  He must keep the hardworking equerries fed. Fees are variable.     Equerry


On Festival Days in The Principality awards of Golden Chocolate Coins are presented for Extravagant Costumes, Exquisite Entrees and Magnificent Cakes.  Among the costumes receiving an award has been  that of Mr Ned Kelly, an Australian  Bush-ranger folk hero, who came attired  in full armour, a genuine Anglican Bishop in splendid ivory buttoned  dress costume and a well bred English gentleman in spotless Royal Ascot Morning Suit.  Sometimes choosing an overall winner is very difficult.


On a number of occasions the level of excitement and awe  in the taste buds of the assembled guests has been so great that the entrees have been eaten before they had been seen by Marquize Wantonne and her fellow judges.       Marquize Wantonne is a famous chef and cookbook writer currently engaged in a creative culinary Wy adventure.

The judges have had to rely on mobile phone photo images of the entrees and quiz those who had sampled these delicacies in order to select a winner.

Cake judging can, similarly, be stressful because lightning-fast children, whose hungry eyes being at table level are prone to require their dessert first, before it is even offered.


Invited guests read their original poetry and sing songs of their own creation.

The Muses are well represented in the Principality of Wy, where the rousing spirit of  “Nothing Succeeds like Succession”, and “Wy is an Answer”  are longtime popular Principality songs and an inspiration to all.  Members of The Court of Wyare enthralled by all styles of music from German lieder to hard rock.

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