The Prince replies to correspondence

Do you too enjoy handwriting?  

The preferred method of communication with the Equerries, who will pass on selected letters or emails to the Prince, is by fountain pen using black or sepia ink on archival paper. Some correspondents choose to illustrate their thoughts with pen drawings. 

Fold your page and placed it in a DL envelope.   The Serene Address is;  Equerry,  Principality of Wy,  PO Box No. 398  Mosman,  NSW,  2088  Australia.     Thank You.

Wy thanks all those, having an empathy with The Artists’ Principality around the world, who have sent illustrated letters. Wy values equally the creative spirit of beginners and advanced artists. When you send your letter mention that you would be happy to see your work selected to appear on the Principality of Wy website and in a book of letters that The Equerries are currently compiling. An exciting project!

Alternatively you are most welcome to use this convenient Contact Form below,  You enter your details in the little windows   The choice is totally yours.  The palace advises, with regret, that due to the large level of correspondence, response is not always immediate. We look forward to hearing from you.  Equerry