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The Big Magnifying Glass of Wy

This, is a Lens

A sense of frustration and mystification was the cause of the creation of The Big Magnifying Glass of Wy by Prince Paul. 

 How could these bureaucratic errors keep happening?  Just when he felt that the family were about to achieve the legitimate goal of access to their home another obstacle appeared in their path.

He half jokingly speculated . “What we need is a very big magnifying glass to keep a close eye on council.  To identify mistakes.”  

He knew that there was a wide distribution around Australia of “Big” things like the “Big Banana” and the “Big Sheep” or rather the “Big Ram” which he  had visited and parked his car behind,  a location that had provided a salutary and monumental view.  

So he embarked on the construction of the Big Magnifying Glass of Wy.   A shiny chromium steel table leg provided an excellent handle and an aluminium boat hatch rim provided the lens holder.  All the elements were joined together and “Hey Presto.”   The Big Magnifying Glass of  The Principality of Wy was created.


The Equerries were most impressed and photographed Prince Paul, not in a Sherlock Holmes style Deerstalker Hat, but in the Summer Crown of Wy, which has a wide brim to shelter the Prince from the harmful  rays of the Australian sun.  The Equerries have done considerable research and concur that this is the first crown of its type in the world and believe it should receive endorsement from the Cancer Council.  

 The Prince however finds it a little top heavy and inclined to fall off. 

Paul has a collection of Travelling Crowns which can be slipped into his breast pocket, rather like a bulky folded handkerchief.  He prefers these foldaway crowns for day to day use should a little impromptu  formality be required as he goes about his duties around The Principality.  

A serious game of chess or billiards may require a little bit of dressing up.  The Prince is quite relaxed about formality. He was asked in his city club, by the Secretary, at the time of secession, how he would like to be addressed by the stewards.  Prince Paul, ever the egalitarian, insisted that there be no fuss.  The secretary tentatively enquired whether ”Prince Mate” would be alright.    The Equerries though that this was a trifle presumptive.   

The couturier in the Prince expresses itself effortlessly in garments of grace and practicality. The Prince is inclined to favour coolness in both the costume of ladies and gentlemen and suggests that the classical toga could be on the horizon, at least for beachside suburbs.

Equerries have noticed that around Mosman, fashion leading matrons and in some cases their daughters have been favouring garments with a distinct Wy flavour.  

Because the Prince prefers flowing garments there is a certain non sexist androgynous style in his creations which is appreciated by those for whom intellectual passion is the prerequisite desired catalyst for romantic engagement.


The elegant Principality of Wy T shirt, an economical, yet priceless,  fashion statement  which bears a signed self portrait of Prince Paul, is very popular with both ladies and gentleman, when it is available.

WyT, 1 – T Shirt of the Principality of Wy

WyT, 1 – T Shirt of the Principality of Wy

Created in pure cotton it comes in all sizes, especially XL and 3XL.   Artists in The Principality have been known to use use the larger sizes as practical painting smocks.   

This is where they put the U into Unique

Equerries inform that, regrettably, due to demand, the above tantalising creations are currently unavailable. Should you wish to be placed on the waiting list please send an email entitled “Serene Wy T” via The Equerry.