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Prince of Wy judges Rolls Royce Concourse

 On the 17th of October 2010 at 11 o’clock, the esteemed president of the Rolls Royce Owners Club of Australia,  New South Wales Branch, called at the Principality of Wy.  The Prince and Princess of Wy boarded his magnificent red Rolls Royce and were transported,  or rather – they proceeded, to inspect the Concourse of the Rolls Royce Owners Club,  which was to be held at the northern end of beautiful Balmoral Beach where cars were assembling for the occasion.    The journey in state through the crowded streets of Mosman provided obvious pleasure to those enjoying perfect weather as they paraded or relaxed over coffee before they made their way to the beach.

The display was truly “A Regency of Rollers.”   All were beautiful examples of British engineering and coachwork. The prime purpose of the club is to support the  ownership and restoration of these motor cars which have been produced by the Rolls Royce and Bentley companies over the years. 

Paul and Princess Susan  strolled among the parked vehicles, chatting to the owners, for whom Rolls ownership is a passion.  The members come from many backgrounds and share a rare camaraderie.  Judging was very difficult.

The criteria that Paul was given was: “Which of the cars would the prince most like to have in his mews?” Alas, no mews is bad news.  -Well of course everybody knows that The Principality of Wy currently does not have a mews.  However we are hoping that this drastic situation will be remedied by worthy Mosman Council in due course.

The Prince and  Princess would have been pleased to have any of these well cared for vehicles in their mews and this information rendered by the Prince in his presentation speech was well received by the owners. 

Marginally more “mews worthy” vehicles were presented with  special awards. Principality of Wy protective Aprons were also awarded.  It is to be remembered that many Rolls and Bentley owners are happy to lift the bonnet with a spanner in hand.   

Paul wrote a special poem for the occasion dedicated to the Rolls Royce owners.

 Jo Sykes * who sculpted “Eleanor”,  to guide the wheels of your Rolls Royce, 

Knew, the Goddess that admirers saw,  would cause each driver to rejoice.

 Eleanor has heard fine toasts,  to her beauty in the great outdoors,

She graces Wraiths and Silver Ghosts  and Dawns and Clouds and Phantom Fours.

 To The Principality of Wy, Our Eleanor glides, riding high,

Above the trials of life’s hubbub, via The Noble Rolls Royce Owners Club.

Paul of Wy   September 17 2010

(*Jo Sykes was the English Sculptor who created the flying lady who graces the bonnets of this noble marque)