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Olympic Dream of Wy

“Over Olympus hovered a golden presence”-  Homer

As in London nations gather,

A princess holds a Golden Dove.

Washed from Greece to Wy this year –

the sculpted hope of peace and love.

On Mount Olympus she sets down,

this relic, Home, for Gods to bless.

The bright eyed youth who now compete,

deserve, from ancient Greece, no less.

We run as though our hearts will burst,

for medals – further still we hurl.

May the Golden Dove of Peace inspire,

Olympic dreams of boy and girl.

Paul Delprat

Post Olympic thoughts…

In Australia there has been, in some quarters, a rather ungenerous reaction to the exploits of young Olympians who have not achieved the coveted Gold Medal. To some Silver and Bronze is just not enough. The Principality of Wy, which is not currently a participant, respectfully suggests that future Olympic classifications should be GOLDGOLDER and GOLDEST so that medal winning bronzed Aussies and all award winners around the world may come back to unreserved acclamation in their homelands