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Great Driveway Cake of Wy

The Great Driveway Cake of Wy

At recent celebrations at the Principality, in November 2012, guests congratulated Prince Paul on reaching his 70th birthday in this year.

A highlight of the day was the presentation of The Great Driveway Cake of Wy designed and baked by Arch Duchess Penelope.

The Prince and Marquise Wantonne , who is an acknowledged  connoisseur of haute cuisine, felt that it did not fit into the category of entrée nor of dessert  because of the subtle broccoli element suggesting  bushland and the contrasting sweet confections for the road.

An historic new classification was created and the Driveway creation won the award for “Desentrees”. The Prince was amused. Culinary invention is admired in the Principality of Wy alongside all the other arts, there being no vocational heirarchy in the Palace of Art. 

Amused Prince

Those who were fortunate to savour the dish were heard to enthuse; “Beyond Rocky Road” and “A Bicuspid Boulevard”.  

The supportive message attached to the “Desentree” reflects brave hopes, raised recently in the Principality, that the sound of carriages may soon be heard in the drive.

Award presentation at Principality of Wy

Award presentation at Principality of Wy

An esteemed guest, who won the Gold Medal in the Ladies Couturier Competion, is seen wearing a stunning garment of exquisite provenance, and is about to receivea complimentary Principality of Wy T Shirt which bears the ever smiling visage of the prince.

Your respectful Equerry