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Costume Play at The Principality of Wy

Is there a smaller size of T shirt ?

Distinguished guests, young and old, many wearing imaginative costumes gathered at the principality in November to commemorate the anniversary of the sixth year of Secession. The weather which had been universally inclement throughout the Sydney basin,  was perfect.  Wy weather is generally balmy because the principality is sheltered on all sides by natural hilly wind- breaks, creating a gorgeous  oasis by the harbour where bananas, avocadoes, figs, citrus fruits, and latterly roses, all luxuriate.

How rabbits smile

From end to end the principality was alive with laughter. The young people came up from partying in The Gully of Wy and on the beach to join the older guests to hear The Prince deliver his ‘State of The Principality’ speech.

Several Roving Cultural Emissaries, recently returned from foreign parts, kindly reported on artistic developments overseas.  

As is customary, awards were made for poetry, oratory, singing and culinary invention.  Cosplay awards were made for the fantastic attire of many of the guests. (See Principality of Wy promotes world peace – Serene Blog – Court Circular)

In another ceremony the installation of the 1960 iconic self portrait of the Prince painted 50 years ago at the age of eighteen, was celebrated, following its splendid gilt reframing.