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Best Wishes from Principality of Wy for 2014

What a pleasure it is to draw in the totally magical landscape of the Principality of Wy.

We of Wy all love drawing and find great pleasure in capturing the random way in which the forest of Wy rearranges itself to provide pleasing new vistas.

Our unique copse of hybrid walking tree ferns is a great joy.

Real is real – Wy is Wy. 

Occasionally flights of fantasy cause members of the Serene Family to wistfully imagine the joy of riding a bicycle up some sort of AccessWy to the wider world.

Here Prince Paul conjures that dream in paint.

All at the Principality of Wy, this year celebrating our first Decade of Secession, send best wishes to our friends and supporters around the world, which, from our correspondence, is pretty well everyone.

On New Years Eve the fireworks over Sydney Harbour were again magnificent and Sydneysiders of all ages lined the foreshores to party into the New Year.  

This year, for the first time fireworks were sent skywards from the iconic Sydney Opera House. On the television at Wy we viewed with great delight the vivid displays in other cities. With the refinement of pyrotechnics in colour and shape fireworks are rapidly becoming an awesome art form. It may not be far distant when we see The Mona Lisa recreated in a dramatic fireworks display.

There is no doubt that the painting “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso had a profound impact on the world’s perception of the horror of war. Is there a role in 2014 and beyond, for artists in drawing attention to what appears to be a truly global crisis, the ongoing warming of the planet?

Young artists from cold countries like Russia that has a great artistic tradition and bold new world Canada are aware of extremes of climate as are sun baked tropical countries like Brazil. The art of every country is the mirror that each of us shines on one another. Images from spacecraft of our world are the sum total of that beauty.

Art speaks all languages. May your painting, above all, bring you happiness. 

Venturing into the “Bay of The World” on New Years Day, Paul painted Peggy’s Point from the Serene Sloop Wy.   Art is always a serene occupation even on a rolling boat , yet it is just something we quietly do for ourselves that afterwards others may share.

We of Wy wish you well for 2014