At Sirius Cove

Posted in Prince of Wy draws… , on July 2, 2012

In the 1880’s in Sydney Harbour at a camp within a sheltered reach called Sirius Cove, two artists, Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton lived and worked. 

Mosman Council has recently set up a frame locating a landscape painting by Streeton and placed beneath it an image of the actual work. The viewer is transported back to the nineteenth century – so little has changed. 

Here is a study, by Prince Paul, of an artist at work, painting from the same spot.  As Paul was creating this watercolour a skywriting aeroplane above slowly traced out the words “marry me”. As the words drifted along the Eastern seaboard how many lovely ladies looked up and silently said “yes.”  

Some things have changed since Arthur Streeton’s day.


Principality of Wy salutes the brave explorers

Posted in Prince of Wy draws… , on June 26, 2012

What amazing times we live in when Oceanauts can exchange messages with Astronauts as did Chinese explorers on Sunday 24th June 2012. Now the Americans and Russians are joined by the Chinese people in what promises to be a splendid century of exploration for mankind. “We can clasp the moon in the Ninth Heaven and seize turtles deep down in the Five Seas” wrote Mao Zedong in 1965. So continues the poetry and symbolism of all the brave achievements in space; from Sputnik, which Prince Paul observed as a young boy as it crossed the night sky in Sydney, followed by interplanetary exploration, including an American landing on the moon. We look forward with shared wonderment to this continuing great adventure for humanity.


Prince of Wy draws…

Posted in Prince of Wy draws… , on June 25, 2012

Jonathon Holmes from the ABC’s Media Watch, here sketched by Paul Delprat, was the brilliant guest speaker at The Sydney Rocks Media Lunch hosted by Sandra Jobson. All agreed that this is a dramatic time for the news. Print media versus the internet, who knows what the future will bring?