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At The British Consulate

Sydney based literary societies at the British Consulate in Sydney

On the evening of Friday 8th October 2010 a gathering of Sydney based  English language  literary societies was hosted by the British Consul General,  Richard Morris (pictured left) at The British Consulate in Sydney.  They included;  The Dylan Thomas, Kipling, Jane Austin, Shakespeare, Conan Doyle (The Sydney Passengers),  Bronte,  D.H Lawrence,  Dickens, and Trollope Societies. 

Paul is a member of both the D H Lawrence Society and the Dylan Thomas Society and he was very interesting to learn of the extensive activities of the other Australian groups dedicated to giants of English literature.  Paul has created paintings relating to D H Lawrence and Anthony Trollope who both visited Australia and wrote extensively on their experiences  in the antipodes.

Wy Pr 

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The Serene Wy T Shirt


The Serenely elegant Principality of Wy T Shirt is an economical, yet priceless, fashion statement which bears a signed self portrait of Prince Paul and is very popular with both ladies and gentlemen, when it is available.

Created in pure cotton it comes in all sizes, especially XL and 3XL.  Artists in the principality have been known to use the larger sizes as practical painting smocks.  This is where they put the U into Unique!

Equerries inform that, regrettably due to demand, the above tantalising creations are currently in short supply.  When available they cost A$22.00 plus postage and handling. Should you wish to be placed on the waiting list please send an email, entitled Serene Wy T Shirt, via the equerry.

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One hundred years ago at Singleton Showground …..

 Fay Gray, a charming and dedicated Steward of the Singleton Show discovered in the local archives that one Julian Rossi Ashton had judged The Singleton Show in September 1910 –    one hundred years ago.  Excitedly, she contacted me, asking if I could come up and fulfil the art judge’s role this year. Of course, I said yes.

The tranquil town of Singleton is about 100 kilometres from Sydney, inland from Newcastle in the Hunter River basin  The judging was held on Saturday the 18th September 2010 in the same corrugated iron vaulted building in The Singleton Showground  in which Julian Ashton had fulfilled his duties all those years ago. In the well lit interior, decorated plentifully with the original wooden lattice and soaring corniced columns, I was delighted to find an impressive array of artworks from the region.

The decisions  were difficult and there were lots of works to be highly commended.  It was rumoured that Julian Ashton was asked to judge the wood chopping too but I think it most likely that he confined himself to the art and perhaps the crafts.  How do you judge children’s art?  Their work is all so marvellous. Well you can’t leave it to the mothers.   I guess that is why the organisers ask someone from out of town.

 Thank you,  thank you Singleton, and the Northern Agricultural Association.    I enjoyed every minute of it.