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The Principality of Wy Crest and Seal


Created by Prince Paul of Wy in 1960 the Crest of the Principality of Wy is an elegant combination of Armorial Bearings having special significance. The Delprat Crest is the central element, and, together with the crown and the Latin enscription; “Ex Municipalis Vincit”, is borne on the Palette Shield, which has artistic provenance, all charges being framed by composite legendary creatures of antiquity. 

This iconic emblem has served as the Official Seal of the Principality of Wy, The Artists’ Principality, since the secession of the Principality in 2004 and is displayed solely by Serene Permission of The Court of the Principality of Wy.


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The Perfect Face

In July 2011 Prince Paul received a call from a popular television program broadcast in Australia asking him if he could create a drawing based on the current ideals of beauty.

Paul was delighted to do so. He based his creations; one male face and one female, on perceptions of what currently comprises attractiveness in the popular culture.

He is of the opinion that all faces, young and old, are beautiful in their own way. It is a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Also, as the romantic poet envisioned; “Beauty is truth.”

Prince Paul says that what is perceived by some as ugliness is really in fact character and in any case, as we all know, it is that which is inside that counts.


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British Royal Wedding

Principality of Wy Court Circular

British Royal Wedding,   Westminster Abbey   London,  29th April 2011

The Principality of Wy joins with well-wishers from around the world in congratulating young Prince William and his lovely Kate Middleton and hope for all the very best in their marriage. The young couple are an inspiration to many in troubled times.

May they truly live happily ever after.

Romantics everywhere now pause,

Royal weddings are well done.

All lovers now find common cause,

Rich and poor, they are as one.


Every tongue will commentate,

The globe speeds up, high spirited.

Young Wills and Kate – Oh Wills and Kate!

How well we wish you as you wed.

Paul of Wy


30 4 2011: Unable to be in London, The Serene Family and guests watched the ceremony in Westminster Cathedral, as did two billion or more other people around the globe, via the magic window of television, at The Principality of Wy.  They toasted the Royal couple with Champagne. The prince was amused by the queries from overseas commentators; “Are those horses real?” and, “Do they hire those men to dress up as soldiers?”  Prince Paul made the observation  to those at the Principality engrossed in watching the pageantry that;  “This wedding is a fantastic display of ancient culture and mystery. All those present came away bearing the liniaments of gratified desire.  This they will carry for the rest of their lives.”      Equerry