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London Polination conference

London Micronation Conference


On Saturday 14th July 2012 a micro national conference was held in London at the Chelsea Town Hall. Dr Judy Lattas of Macquarie University created the name Polination to describe her valuable ongoing and extensive study of secessionist movements. She was in London, and together with The Emperor George and other dignitaries, mustered in the elegant interior of the Old Chelsea Town Hall, to share in contributing to an historic conference. Attendees reported back to The Principality of Wy that it was a great success. Prince Paul of Wy was, regrettably, unable to be there due to unavoidable duties in The Principality, and was extremely chagrined to have missed it.  Our Plenipotentiary Ambassador is hoping to make contact with dignitaries during his current tour of duty in London.

To compensate for his absence Prince Paul has created this respectful imaginary drawing in honour of the occasion, based on forwarded visual descriptions of the event. He is to be seen there “in spirit” on the balcony.


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Paul Delprat is mighty proud of Ralph Heimans


Ralph Heimans by Paul Delprat

When Ralph Heimans was a student at The Julian Ashton Art School he expressed an interest to Paul Delprat that he would like to be a portrait painter.

Recently on a return visit to his old school he spoke to the students fondly of his student days and how he approached the stunning portrait he created of Princess Mary of Denmark. He reminded the students of the importance of drawing and especially composition, areas of the art of portrait painting in which he excels. A portrait is not just a head and hands, it is a picture. 

Paul remembers a masterly perspective painting of a reclining figure on the floor in a room. All painted with the greatest of care. The painting was entered by a very youthful Ralph in The Mosman Art prize many years ago. His single minded natural talent was evident then.   

This week he has let us all know that he is to paint Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and has had a sitting in Buckingham Palace. The Queen graciously wore specific robes and Queen Victoria’s diamonds. As with his other portraits the composition will be planned and be of the utmost importance as the setting creates the atmosphere in which the subject may be fully understood.

The gentle, searching young Mosman artist Paul met all those years ago is now truly fulfilling that early promise.


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Sir Robert Menzies on the Canberra

During 1971 Paul travelled overseas on the liner Canberra, having been invited by P and O Line to conduct art classes on the ship. Sir Robert Menzies, Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, who was en route to the UK, attended one of Paul’s classes, curious to know if Paul was related to his old friend Lady Paquita Mawson (nee Delprat). 

During a lengthy conversation about art, families, politics and cricket he kindly consented to sit and Paul created this painting.