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Principality of Wy promotes world peace

The Principality of Wy loves art and promotes world peace.
Wy believes that all disagreements between nations, large and small, should be resolved by art, music and poetry  competitions.
The Principality of Wy Serene Anthem for World Peace

The harmony  of many nations,

Is one melody,  The same.

A theme,  with minor variations,

Out of Africa we came.



The Principality of Wy, The Artists’ Principality, congratulates brilliant young artists. who love drawing, around the world; – from  JAPAN,  CHINABRAZILINDIAINDONESIARUSSIAENGLAND,  FRANCESWEDENGERMANYSCOTLAND,  AUSTRALIAPORTUGAL, FINLAND, PHILLIPINES, NEW ZEALAND,  IRELAND, ARGENTINA, AMERICA, THAILAND,   KOREA,  NORWAY, MALAYSIA, ICELAND, GREECE, HUNGARY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, HOLLAND,   POLAND, TURKEY, CANADA, MEXICO, SINGAPORE, PORTUGAL, ALBANIA,  BELGIUM, BARBADOS, LATVIA, ROMANIA, CZECH REP., CHILE, SOUTH AFRICA, PANAMA, WALES, SLOVAKIA, MEXICO, URAGUAY, MONACO, PERU, DENMARK, ESTONIA, LITHUANIA, SPAINVIETNAM, SAUDI ARABIA, PUETO RICO, PARAGUAY, CROATIA, KUWAIT, COLOMBIA, UKRAINE, BOLIVIA, TRINIDAD, MACEDONIA, LIETCHENSTEIN, CUBA, GUATEMALA, MONGOLIA, ALBANIA, NIGERIA, EL SALVADOR, COSTA RICA, BULGARIA, NEPAL, ISRAEL, SAN MARINO, IRAN, MALDIVES, TAIWAN, EGYPT, ITALY, MOLDOVA and all the other nations of the world, large and small and congratulates also, those who inspire them to continue to excel.  Future generations will say that among the most important works of art created in our age were simple line drawings or cartoons having courage or humour, or both.  Art communicates directly across language barriers and links hearts and minds in moments that change lives. We of Wy have been delighted by the interest in the principality from artists and lovers of art from all of the above countries.  

Wy admires the great drawing tradition of Japan, which runs though it’s long  history. The woodcuts of  Hokusai and Hiroshige and other masters are part of this culture.  The work of talented anime and manga artists helps to maintain this ongoing inspiration and revitalise it’s energy.

Admiring costumes

Costume Play, the gentle culture of dressing up, is “art as theatre.”  It is happiness. We understand that very well in the Principality of Wy and admire the imagination and friendship that Cosplay creates around the world. From Japanthis performance art has spread to America, Europe and China and is now alive in many countries bringing people together. It has been said that all an artist needs is praise. Those who take the trouble to dress up beautifully deserve praise too. Wy is above all, egalitarian. As The Artists’ Principality we believe in the level playing field of “the aristocracy of heart and mind”. Drawing, painting and make believe, in all cultures, create and bring pleasure to all.

Rolls play

Theme and variations is used in music and poetry and in dressing up to make magic in the interpretation of a character.

It is possibly the oldest art in the world.  (See Costume Play at The Principality of Wy -Serene Blog)

To all young artists who will change the world. There is no line on the www that has made Wy more proud than – “One of us: Prince Paul of Wy”on Axis Powers TV Tropes. 

Hooray, Hooray for Hetalia!! 

Drawing is always understood immediately. In a split second your meaning is clear. Your idea is often a surprise to yourself. Fan Art can be the beginning of a brilliant career. How fortunate is the artist, not needing a record label, like a musician or a publisher, as does a novelist. Do you travel the web and find a glut of information? Drawing is not about information, it is about wonder, limitless wonder. 

Art is the instant that transcends time. In Wy we draw every day and in restaurants whilst waiting to be served. A sketchbook is lighter than a camera. And quicker!  And permanent!

Wy sends best wishes for your holidays. In the Northern Hemisphere it is good weather to be inside and painting. In the Antipodes (Australia) it is high summer, the cicadas are singing and the beach is the place to be. Wherever you are on the best globe in the universe have a safe and creative time.   – See Contact Equerries.  HI! to the young and the young at heart at the beginning of a promising new decade. The New Renaissance has begun on the world wide web and will grow on yet unimagined media. Wy is in awe of the skills of artists and cosplayers and the enthusiasm of lovers of art from so many great cities of the world including; Yokohama JP, Milwaukee WI, San Diego CA, Dallas TX, Vancouver BC, Waltham MA, Sydney AU, Hakone JP, Ada OK, Melbourne AU, New York NY, Florence IT, Moscow RU, Wellington NZ, Reston VA, Beijing CN, Paris FR, Nagasaki JP, San Fernando CL, Copenhagen DK, London UK, Hobart AU, Sendai JP, Sao Paulo BR, Fairfax VA, Santiago CL, Boulogne FR, Denver CO, Serris FR, Ottawa ON, Shangai CN, Barcelona ES,Vallejo CA, Los Angeles CA, Toronto ON, Tokyo JP, Adelaide AU, Manchester UK, Dublin IR, Madrid ES, Athens GR, Washington DC, Matsushima JP, Sydney NS, Mito,JP, Helsinki FI, Zurich ZH, Amsterdam NL, Trenton NJ, Campodonico AR, Miami FL, Jakarta ID, Izumo JP, Boulder CO, Antwerp BE, Oslo NO, Derby UK, Manilla PH, Stockholm SE, Kyoto JP, Perth AU, Kobe JP, Winnipeg MB, Parana BR, Portland OR, Utsunomiya JP, Nurnberg DE, Mississuaga ON, Sacramento CA, Karlsruhe DE, Mount Holly NJ, Koge DK, Darwin AU, Hiratsuka JP, Everett WA, Osaka JP, Frankfurt DE, Everett WA, Niigata JP, Mountain View CA, Goteborg SE, Totori JP, Montreal CA, Leyden NL, La Paz MX, Nagoya JP, Zagreb HR, Sapporo JP, Newcastle AU, Toms River NJ, Bilboa ES, Toulouse FR, Valdivia CL, Reading UK, Leipzig DE, Tacoma WA, Canberra AU, Richardson TX, Cagliari IT, Louisville KY, Brussel BE, Bath UK, Akita JP, Kanazawa JP, Salta, BR, Aomori JP, Utrecht NL, Barrie ON, Breda NL, Cranston RI, Broken Hill AU, Roseburg ON, Montevideo UY, Atlanta GA, Manchester UK, Cologne DE, Saint Petersburg RU, Sidney MT, Nurnberg DE, Berlin DE, Chicago IL, Hamm DE, Arica CL, Hiroshima JP, Tampere FI, Ashland OR, Kansas City MO, Mangaldan PH, Thessalonika GR, Cork IE, Caracas VE, Connel TX, Hartford CT, Rome NY, York UK, Rocky Mount NC, Las Palmas De Gran Canaria ES, Novosihirsk RU, Boulogne Billancourt FR, Philadelphia PA, Palma de Mallorca ES, Campbellton NB, Riyadh  Saudi Arabia,  Jakarta Indonesia,  Berlin Germany, Kishinev Moldova, Ulanbaatan Mongolia to mention just a few !!……………….. 

Around spinning Planet Wy, at any moment after the sun rises, there are a billion little lenses of a billion little cameras capturing still and motion pictures. If there is not time to draw or paint or if you are tired – your trusty camera is always there. Wy suspects that among the great works of the new decade will be home made video masterworks, Maybe coming from your place —-Who knows, is it possible that your movie will create a warm glow of appreciation on Planet Wy that is visible from outer space.

Letter from Lola the rabbit.  Dear Artists and Costume Players, A magnificent cape and gown was given to P P of W for Christmas. Princesses are impressed. I can hardly wait to more closely examine the particularly attractive shade of green in the train and the amazing abundant (non rabbit) fluffy bits make me even feel more like one of the family.

I am a practical rabbit and have calculated that about 320 rabbits will be able to hide under the train of the cape and publicly graze unseen by rangers (who do not approve of rabbits) as PP of W strolls around in it beyond Wy borders. This is just the admiring opinion of us rabbits. And only our first thoughts. The possums, flying foxes, owls and blue tongue lizards are all scribbling their notes of appreciation. This is truly the cape for all seasons.    Lola

 TSUNAMI  12 3 11   The Principality of Wy sends deepest condolences to the heroic people of Japan which has been stricken by a massive earthquake and Tsunami. 

The Principality is sorrowful for the grievous loss of life in this galvanic force of nature.  All those who have their homes on earthquake zones, in great part  the Pacific rim – from New Zealand to Chile, from California to Indonesia, are deserving of a special place in the hearts of all mankind.

For Paul’s poem for Japan – go to Home Page – “Brave Japan” 

Young artists of Japan. An artist is never helpless. Is this the time for you to paint and draw the courage, the kindness and the love that always springs from adversity? Your instinct is to create. The  expression of love you quietly conjure up in your home is something mighty that you can do to raise your own spirit and in turn lift the hearts of others – now and in the future. What great works would the incomperable Hokusai be creating now? His legacy is alive and burning in the hearts of all who pick up a brush and paint whether they be Japanese people or those around the world for whom the great master of the wood block is inspiration.

The prince had ordered a new drawing tablet from Japan before the Tsunami struck and was told by his supplier that, alas, he could not provide one as the factory had been damaged. Then he received a call to say there was one – did the prince want it? – yes! yes he did. The Prince has been learning the techniques of  twenty first century drawing on it assiduously – and is so respectful of the innovation that comes from brave Japan.       Equerry

Right Now!   4 11

There have been a number of world leaders who have dabbled in art. They should have been encouraged. Make art not war. Imagine if all the world leaders were painting in their grand offices right now. They could have a group show at the United Nations.  A world at peace would applaud.

Right now we have:  easel artists; graphic artists; etchers; manga artists; portrait artists; landscape painters; sculptors; fan artists; chocolate artists; muralists; cartoonists and practitioners working in an ever growing variety of new media in the world today. In the principality we like the passion and depth of oil paint and choose it because it is slow drying and may be worked into. Acrylic paint is wonderful too especially for murals. All media are good in their own way.

Encourage your friends to draw. Give them drawing pads for their birthdays. That is the timeless gift. If those who have not picked up a brush to paint or a pencil to draw knew what joy the artist has splashing around on the canvas they would start right now. Around the world at this instant there are artists, young and old, living fully in the moment of creation. It is their birthday every day.

To paint from life is always pleasant

Time will not impinge a bit

All artists’ eyes are on the present

Around the world right now is it!






Paul has written a poem for The Royal Wedding in London

See; Court Circular or Announcements

30 4 2011: Unable to be in London, The Serene Family watched the ceremony in Westminster Cathedral, as did a billion other people around the globe, via the magic window of television, at The Principality of Wy.  They toasted the Royal couple with Champagne. The prince was amused by the queries from overseas commentators; “Are those horses real?” and, “Do they hire those men to dress up as soldiers?”  The prince observed that, “The wedding was a fantastic display of ancient culture and mystery. All those present came away bearing the liniaments of gratified desire.”      Equerry

Here is The Principality of Wy   Dolphin Flag.  The dolphin is regaled with a gilded crown, tummy and tail, and a silver chest and snout against a monastral blue sea. This is a very happy flag to reflect the cheerful, friendly attitude of the principality. 

See the poem “The Dolphins” by Geoffrey Lehmann – Serene Blog  – Guest Authors – Poetry. 

The history of mankind’s dominance over planet earth has been a triumph of our intellect over all other species. It seems now, that for the first time, we are thinking of ways we can preserve our planet.

This is good. In attempting to control global warming we may be doing the right thing for the wrong reason or vice versa. The important thing is that we are doing something. 

John Keats, the English poet wrote;  The sun from meridian height shone into the depths of the sea, and the fishes beginning to sweat cried ” Dammit, how hot we shall be”. 

Could it be the dolphins, with their larger brains, who will tell us the way forward?

November 15th 2011     Wy’s birthday!!!

The Principality thanks all the well wishers around the world who have sent their kind thoughts to Wy.

The eighth year of seccession.

The equerries will be posting pictures of the celebrations

Brave Japan,  one year later

The Principality of Wy respectfully remembers the anniversary of the magnitude 9 earthquake and Tsunami that struck the north eastern coast of Japan.  This tragedy claimed over 15000 lives leaves more than 3000 people unaccounted for. There have been Tsunamis, before in the history of Japan, as represented in the art of Hokusai. The Japanese people have learnt to live with natures unpredictable rages. This in no way diminishes the gravity of this latest shock.  Our hearts go out to the brave people of Japan, at their time of remembrance of this sad anniversary. Is there a message of hope that comes from this event – is it possible that all mankind can put aside petty differences and think of how we can make this perilous world we all share a safer place? 

Anzac Day

In Australia, a military campaign is remembered, dating from the First World War, by “Anzac Day”. All countries have solemn daysof remembrance and the emotion of grief is understood and shared universally. The Principality of Wy has the view that war is an unmitigated evil and ultimately solves nothing. Since the invention and tragic use of the atom bomb there has been no conflict between the major powers. Something has been learnt, but humanity has still a long way to go. We pray that this Pax Atomica persists. 

Make art not war.


Sketch of a brilliant young Japanese artist by Prince Paul of Wy

The prince admires the work that a brilliant young artist has done to draw our attention to the lighter side of international affairs in Axis Powers Hetalia.  

As a result of his work in manga a generation is growing up around the world having a greater awareness of the historical relationships between countries.

This lucky generation should have a readymade tolerance for cultural difference, vital for peace in the world. 


 Hooray for hetalia!




Roll over Michelangelo

While her princely father was drawing in a restaurant, which is his custom when waiting for his dinner to arrive, a certain princess, who is as adept with the lens as the brush and never lets an inspirational moment pass by without catching it, snapped her little camera and produced the photo displayed here.


She was absolutely delighted by the juxtaposition of the Michelangelo mural in the background



Cakes Ahoy


Ahoy to Cakes of Wy

As 2012 comes to a close We of Wy wish all our artist friends around the world a wonderful happy time over the holiday season.

In Wy, as you are aware, we value creativity very highly. Here are just a few of the splendid cakes of Wy photographed just before they were consumed by hungry young artists helping to celebrate Prince Paul’s 70th birthday. The splendid “Tugboat of Wy” cake has Prince Paul at the helm navigating through perilous seas towards calmer waters.


Popular Rabbit

Rabbits are also highly regarded by Princesses and their friends in Wy.

Could this be because rabbits do not engage in pointless idle chatter when there are creations to be made with brush in paw in their comfortable, splendidly decorated, burrows.

May 2013 be a time of peace, harmony and creativity in the world.

Especially at your place!!





An old friendship remembered

Paul reminisced in his November 2013 talk at the 40 year Anniversary Celebration of the Norman Lindsay Gallery in Springwood near Sydney, about his youthful friendship with the octogenarian artist who was a writer, an oil painter, a ship model builder, a sculptor, a water-colourist, an etcher, an illustrator, a cartoonist and a brilliant raconteur. Art crosses all generations. 

Norman once told Paul “An artist can turn his hand to anything”.  Young imaginative writers, artists and book illustrators are inspired to this day by his wonderful childrens’ book, “The Magic Pudding”. It was written and illustrated with pen drawings by Norman Lindsay and is still in publication.

Vases for NormanNorman was also a painter of vases and ceramics. It was amusing for Paul to be at the gallery with so many people. When it was Norman’s house and studio his sole constant companions were cats. He resented the intrusion of people because they took up time from his work. So many artists are happiest in their own company. Well, you can never be alone if you have your art.

Paul painted a vase decorated with dancing figures as a gift to the gallery for the occasion.




Thank you, Thank you – from Wy

The Principality of Wy wishes to thank all those wonderful artists who have sent 2013 Birthday Greetings.

Some artists have sent beautiful drawings. Each of the drawings sent was beautiful in a different way. A charming young lady with a very big paint brush is a favourite subject.  Of course, we say in Wy that every day of the year is Wy’s birthday because we can draw or paint whether it rains or shines. May your birthday be memorable and the card you send inviting your friends to your party be a marvel of creativity that they will wish to collect and keep forever. Some of the best things we do are done for people we love, don’t you think.


Best Wishes for 2014

All at the Principality of Wy, this year celebrating our first Decade of Secession,  send best wishes to our friends and supporters around the world.

On New Years Eve the fireworks over Sydney Harbour were again magnificent and Sydneysiders of all ages lined the foreshores to party into the New year. This year, for the first time fireworks were sent skywards from the iconic Sydney Opera House. On the television at Wy we viewed with great delight the vivid displays in other cities. With the refinement of pyrotechnics in colour and shape fireworks are rapidly becoming an awesome art form. It may not be far distant when we see The Mona Lisa recreated in a dramatic fireworks display.

There is no doubt that the painting “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso had a profound impact on the world’s perception of the horror of war. Is there a role in 2014 and beyond, for artists in drawing attention to what appears to be a truly global crisis, the ongoing warming of the planet?

Young artists from cold countries like Russia that has a great artistic tradition and bold new world Canada are aware of extremes of climate as are sun baked tropical countries like Brazil. The art of every country is the mirror that each of us shines on one another. Images from spacecraft of our world are the sum total of that beauty. Art speaks all languages.

May your painting, above all, bring you happiness. Art always surprises, yet it is just something we quietly do for ourselves that afterwards others may share.

We of Wy wish you well for 2014