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Judy Lane Sculptures

Judy Boyd Lane is currently exhibiting a suite of fine sculptures and drawings at the Mosman Art Gallery.


Judy at the opening

They are inspired by a recent trip to Europe, where she was drawn to the sculptures in many museums in London and Paris. On show are a number of delicate drawings forming a flowing suite that grew from these experiences.  

As is her custom Judy, who is a visual diarist, came back with many filled sketchbooks.

I shared a number of happy and fruitful years with Judy as a fellow student of Henry Cornwallis Gibbons and J Richard Ashton at the Julian Ashton Art School.   

This collection of penetrating sculptural portraits reveals a draughtsman’s insight into character and an instinctive understanding of form.

The works on show are the latest examples of an artist who has been a master in many mediums, including portraiture figure drawing and painting. She is also a highly respected teacher. We rejoice in this move into exciting new territory.

The exhibition runs from 30th June till 26th August 2012

Paul Delprat

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Kathrin Longhurst at Catherine Asquith Gallery Melbourne

Kathrin grew up in East Germany. The first art she saw was social realist propaganda. In her latest exhibition at the Catherine Asquith gallery in Melbourne she takes a nostalgic look back from her new homeland of Australia to deal with the paradox of a generation of liberated eastern bloc women.


Pilot Girl with jacket

With a mixture of satire, romance and sensuality she engages the viewer in a surrealistic, heart stopping journey.

It is heartening to see a young painter powerfully expressing her own original vision with this collection of very well-crafted works.

The exhibition, you should not miss, runs from the 3rd to the 21st July 2012 at 48 Oxford Street Collingwood.

Paul Delprat

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Michael Muir artist at Eva Breuer Gallery


Michael Muir with Paul Delprat

Michael, lives in the northern beaches of Sydney, He captures in his art the light of that lovely location and was happy at the opening of  his sell-out show at Eva Breuer Galley. Openings are nerve wracking at the best of times for but this one was a cause for celebration

Michael was a student at the Julian Ashton Art School from 1999 to 2002, where he won The John Olsen Scholarship. He developed a distinctive style very early, the strongly modelled, exquisitely coloured collage like paintings, having grown from the simplified forms he was attracted to when he was a student at the school. These are powerfully thought out works refined to very essences. The fluency with which he portrays the happiness in his heart reveals the draughtsman who is also a master of line.

To lift your spirits, in our winter of discontent, visit this exhibition which runs from the 16th till the 26th of June 2012 at 83 Moncur St. Woollahra

Paul Delprat