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Marriage in Bali and Monaco

Bathers at Campuan Ubud

Paul first knew Prince Tjok Gus, who has recently married Javanese television star Happy Salma, and his brother Tjok Day as boys in Bali having stayed with their mother and father Princess Asri and Prince Tjokorda Raka in Ubud, a hill town in Bali, an island in the Indonesian Archipelago. Prince Raka was to make the splendid ceremonial offering of fruit and incense for the opening of Paul’s exhibition of paintings in 1978, inspired by his stay in Bali, held at the Holdsworth Gallery Sydney. Princess Asri was Jane Gillespie in an earlier life, daughter of Colonel Rollo Gillespie, the Aid de Camp of the NSW Governor Sir Roden Cutler and a student at The Australian International Independent School, headed by the visionary Bill Eason, where Paul had been a teacher.

In Bali, while staying at the Palace, Paul was invited to bring his paints and accompany Raka on his travels to villages dizzily perched on steep vantage points amid the rice fields. It was the sacred custom for the Prince of Ubud to supervise the necessary repairs to each of the sacred sculptural Barong, the king of the spirits, a protector, which took the form of a lion or various other animal forms in different villages. The Barongs spent most of their time in special, beautifully carved buildings and would only be brought out for dance dramas on festive or religious occasions. This was in the days when there may be one television set in a village in front of which on wood fired smoky evenings the residents would sit attentively. This intrusion of the wider world was peripheral however and the traditional way of life went on blissfully unchanged. Now Tjok Gus is a man and is continuing his family’s great contribution in Ubud, a centre having a tradition in the arts. The preservation of living culture which is a Balinese way of life is something unique and to be treasured.

On the other side of the globe Monaco recently celebrated the wedding of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert. As a boy Paul remembered the excitement surrounding the 1956 wedding of Albert’s mother, the actress Grace Kelly, to his father Prince Rainier.

These occasions are a time to celebrate all those who believe in romantic love, an uplifting reminder of the essential gift of one person to the other. Who is not  a Prince and Princess on their wedding day? As the song says, “Everybody loves a lover” Art expresses this quality in portraiture. Every good portrayal is a visual history of the mutual attraction of the antecedents of that person going back into antiquity. Over the years Paul has painted many married couples. He says, “They are simply paintings of love.”


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Brave Japan

The Principality of Wy sends deepest condolences to the heroic people of Japan which has been stricken by a massive earthquake followed by a Tsunami and Nuclear emergency. The Japanese spirit is valiant, has courageously responded and will overcome this crisis. To have world peace is important. Equally important is the prodigious science of mankind that seeks to preserve lives in the face of seemingly insurmountable events. The Principality of Wy is sorrowful for the grievous loss of life in this galvanic force of nature.

30 4 2011; All the world is inspired by the way the Japanese people have rallied to the huge challenge of repairing the damage caused by the Tsunami. The resilience of this great culture is exemplified by the fortitude of an elderly farming lady near Sendai, whose land is soaked by seawater and heavy oil, in saying that she has absolutely no intention of leaving

 “The cherry blossom will return.”  Equerry

Trying to understand the Japanese Tsunami.-

Of Krakatoa, Grandpa said, Booming sounds went round the world.

The weather changed, the sky went red as global cooling ash was hurled.

Off Japan, deep shifting plates remind – that it is vain for us to claim,

Natures role for humankind. These are forces not for us to tame.

Our gift is words and song and art.  By compassion we define –

For men and women are a part of Stardust in the Grand Design.


Brave Japan
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British Royal Wedding

Principality of Wy Court Circular

British Royal Wedding,   Westminster Abbey   London,  29th April 2011

The Principality of Wy joins with well-wishers from around the world in congratulating young Prince William and his lovely Kate Middleton and hope for all the very best in their marriage. The young couple are an inspiration to many in troubled times.

May they truly live happily ever after.

Romantics everywhere now pause,

Royal weddings are well done.

All lovers now find common cause,

Rich and poor, they are as one.


Every tongue will commentate,

The globe speeds up, high spirited.

Young Wills and Kate – Oh Wills and Kate!

How well we wish you as you wed.

Paul of Wy


30 4 2011: Unable to be in London, The Serene Family and guests watched the ceremony in Westminster Cathedral, as did two billion or more other people around the globe, via the magic window of television, at The Principality of Wy.  They toasted the Royal couple with Champagne. The prince was amused by the queries from overseas commentators; “Are those horses real?” and, “Do they hire those men to dress up as soldiers?”  Prince Paul made the observation  to those at the Principality engrossed in watching the pageantry that;  “This wedding is a fantastic display of ancient culture and mystery. All those present came away bearing the liniaments of gratified desire.  This they will carry for the rest of their lives.”      Equerry