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Our Watery Planet

 James Cameron the visionary director of the famous motion picture, “Titanic” has recently descended to the Mariana Deeps in a submersible.

This week we are remembering the 100th anniversary of the tragic loss of the unsinkable ship and many lives. Cameron has reminded us again of the essential nature of our unpredictable watery planet and we thank him.

His film is essentially a love story about an artist and his muse made against the epic background of an historic drama.  We are reminded that love and art are intertwined.  A painting or drawing, once created, has a life of its own and distils all that can be said once the actors have played their parts.

Love is always the great event

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Principality of Wy Greetings for 2012

We of Wy send our best wishes to all, especially those who love art and seek peace and harmony.

May your new year be gloriously happy.

It has been announced that The American Hubble Telescope, examining distant stars, has identified a number of possibly inhabitable planets. Is it possible, visionary people ask, that there could be an exoplanet  in a distant galaxy where peace rules and all is harmonious?

As part of the Creative Imperative, The Artistic Principality’s own Galileo telescope is located on our satellite “Hi Wy”. It is in orbit and in the fog of space has identified what we would substantiate as such a wondrous place, “Planet Wy”.

Planet Wy

An artist Princess of Wy has created an image of the planet. It looks bumpy because it is very small (like the Principality of Wy) and the mountains are quite large. Note the Loch Ness Rabbits (ears only are seen above the water) and the Bridge of Tiaras. More informative drawings are ensuing.

The envisaged Planet Wy is an ideal role model for world leaders.

On Planet Wy young manga artists write the rules for peace in picture form so that those speaking different languages all immediately understand. Out of this picture simplification emerges a new universal artistic language –

At a recent function at Wy Prince Paul announced this event to the great delight of residents and invited diplomats.

The Lord Astronomer Serene is currently engaged in serious studies at a galactic level. He paused to caution that there is a huge leap between artistic interpretation and scientific veracity.

As a scientist he shares our optimism regarding the qualities of a planet of peace as an inspiration for all mankind.


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Heroes of the art world

Eliza Ashton was a fighter for women’s rights and on one occasion, together with Rose Scott and other suffragettes chained herself to the railings of the NSW Government House. Her husband, artist Julian Ashton, happened to be dining with the Governor, Lord Carrington that evening. Ashton’s fine portrait of Lord Carrington hangs to this day in Government house. Neither husband nor wife was aware of each other’s proximity that evening and related the story later with great amusement.

The present Governor of New South Wales Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC is a champion of the betterment of the lives of women and she has a great love of art. Her Excellency recently held a function at Government House honouring artist Charles Blackman, an occasion which was especially notable for the brave attendance of his old friend Margaret Olley. The Australian art world is since lamenting the passing of Margaret, who though frail, was still vital and painting in her eighty eighth year. Her generosity to the Art Gallery of New South Wales is legendary.

The long serving Director of the gallery Edmund Capon, who has steered that cultural icon for over thirty years, has recently announced his resignation. His rare vision and capacity to bring people together for important artistic endeavours will be sorely missed. Two great contributors to the Australian art world have signed off.

Paul Delprat