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Cakes Ahoy in 2013

Cakes Ahoy


Cakes Ahoy in 2013

We of Wy wish all our artist and art loving friends around the world a wonderful happy time over the holiday season.

In Wy, as you are aware, we value creativity above all. Here are a number of the cakes photographed before they were consumed by guests celebrating Prince Paul’s 70th birthday.

The splendid “Tugboat of Wy” cake, on the right, has Prince Paul at the helm navigating through perilous seas towards calmer waters.


Popular rabbit

Rabbits are also highly regarded by Princesses and their friends in Wy. Could this be because their pet rabbits don’t engage in pointless idle conversation when there are creations to be made with brush in paw in comfort in splendidly decorated domesticated burrows.

May 2013 be a time of peace, harmony and creativity in the world.

Let the Global New Year Resolution be, “Eat Cake and Paint”