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Brave Japan

The Principality of Wy sends deepest condolences to the heroic people of Japan which has been stricken by a massive earthquake followed by a Tsunami and Nuclear emergency. The Japanese spirit is valiant, has courageously responded and will overcome this crisis. To have world peace is important. Equally important is the prodigious science of mankind that seeks to preserve lives in the face of seemingly insurmountable events. The Principality of Wy is sorrowful for the grievous loss of life in this galvanic force of nature.

30 4 2011; All the world is inspired by the way the Japanese people have rallied to the huge challenge of repairing the damage caused by the Tsunami. The resilience of this great culture is exemplified by the fortitude of an elderly farming lady near Sendai, whose land is soaked by seawater and heavy oil, in saying that she has absolutely no intention of leaving

 “The cherry blossom will return.”  Equerry

Trying to understand the Japanese Tsunami.-

Of Krakatoa, Grandpa said, Booming sounds went round the world.

The weather changed, the sky went red as global cooling ash was hurled.

Off Japan, deep shifting plates remind – that it is vain for us to claim,

Natures role for humankind. These are forces not for us to tame.

Our gift is words and song and art.  By compassion we define –

For men and women are a part of Stardust in the Grand Design.


Brave Japan