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Prince of Wy draws…

Jonathon Holmes from the ABC’s Media Watch, here sketched by Paul Delprat, was the brilliant guest speaker at The Sydney Rocks Media Lunch hosted by Sandra Jobson. All agreed that this is a dramatic time for the news. Print media versus the internet, who knows what the future will bring?

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Michael Muir artist at Eva Breuer Gallery


Michael Muir with Paul Delprat

Michael, lives in the northern beaches of Sydney, He captures in his art the light of that lovely location and was happy at the opening of  his sell-out show at Eva Breuer Galley. Openings are nerve wracking at the best of times for but this one was a cause for celebration

Michael was a student at the Julian Ashton Art School from 1999 to 2002, where he won The John Olsen Scholarship. He developed a distinctive style very early, the strongly modelled, exquisitely coloured collage like paintings, having grown from the simplified forms he was attracted to when he was a student at the school. These are powerfully thought out works refined to very essences. The fluency with which he portrays the happiness in his heart reveals the draughtsman who is also a master of line.

To lift your spirits, in our winter of discontent, visit this exhibition which runs from the 16th till the 26th of June 2012 at 83 Moncur St. Woollahra

Paul Delprat   

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Paul Delprat is mighty proud of Ralph Heimans


Ralph Heimans by Paul Delprat

When Ralph Heimans was a student at The Julian Ashton Art School he expressed an interest to Paul Delprat that he would like to be a portrait painter.

Recently on a return visit to his old school he spoke to the students fondly of his student days and how he approached the stunning portrait he created of Princess Mary of Denmark. He reminded the students of the importance of drawing and especially composition, areas of the art of portrait painting in which he excels. A portrait is not just a head and hands, it is a picture. 

Paul remembers a masterly perspective painting of a reclining figure on the floor in a room. All painted with the greatest of care. The painting was entered by a very youthful Ralph in The Mosman Art prize many years ago. His single minded natural talent was evident then.   

This week he has let us all know that he is to paint Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and has had a sitting in Buckingham Palace. The Queen graciously wore specific robes and Queen Victoria’s diamonds. As with his other portraits the composition will be planned and be of the utmost importance as the setting creates the atmosphere in which the subject may be fully understood.

The gentle, searching young Mosman artist Paul met all those years ago is now truly fulfilling that early promise.