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Mosman Art Prize 2012

David Fairbairn the happy winner with his work.

Artist David Fairbairn won this prestigious award for 2012 with a masterly layered portrait of deep thought growing out of the act of simultaneously viewing and understanding. Such is the confidence and vitality of his line that the viewer comes away energised.

Next door to the winning work is an elegant study in levitation by Ben Smith that similarly engages the viewer in thought. The seeming effortless simplicity of this fine work is as diverting as any possible UFO undercurrent. 


Michael Muir with his luminous work

Michael Muir has found his own style; a richness that rewards us with magic, sunlight and colour, which belies the serious thought and draughtsmanship beneath.

There were many other standout works in this exciting exhibition which shared the Mosman Gallery space with the new Neil Balnaves Gift Bequest Collection.

The inspired collector Neil Balnaves has demonstrated great wisdom in gifting a comprehensive collection. Here, for all , is a lesson on how to collect. Do it with your heart!  A gentle oasis of romantic works of an earlier time engages young and old. It is to be hoped that other Mosman benefactors will now come forward to submit works of this genre and period to the Director of the Gallery. If they are accepted they could be added to this splendid collection of Sydney Harbour paintings.

with Ben Smith

Perhaps if the Mosman Gallery cleverly provides a blank space near the collection with a sign in a suitable gilt plaster frame saying “Your gift painting here!” the cue will be provided for this happy eventuality.

The Mosman Art Prize, which was judged by Anne Flanagan, Deputy Director of the AGNSW, is on view from 21st July till 26th August. The must visit Balnaves Collection is an ongoing exhibition.

Paul Delprat

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Whale visits Wy


Whale and Calf at Balmoral 2012

On Wednesday 18th July a mother Right Whale and her newborn calf visited the sheltered waters off the Principality of Wy

The prince’s first knowledge of it was a noisy helicopter hovering over the Principality.  One of the artists in residence informed him that the helicopter was circling whales, which were swimming, just offshore.  Surfboarders, kayakers, snorkelers,  yachters and put boaters were in close attendance together with several helicopters seen to have photographers hanging out to get the best image of this unusual occurrence. It is not known if the mother whale was pleased by all of the attention.

The symbol of our larger neighbour, Mosman, is a whale. To the prince the scene was symbolic of the geographical relationship that exists between the Principality of Wy and Mosman Council. Here was a large whale and a tiny one swimming together calmly in Balmoral bay.

A princess has just reminded him that the symbol of Wy is a dolphin, not a whale. We thank her.


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London Polination conference

London Micronation Conference


On Saturday 14th July 2012 a micro national conference was held in London at the Chelsea Town Hall. Dr Judy Lattas of Macquarie University created the name Polination to describe her valuable ongoing and extensive study of secessionist movements. She was in London, and together with The Emperor George and other dignitaries, mustered in the elegant interior of the Old Chelsea Town Hall, to share in contributing to an historic conference. Attendees reported back to The Principality of Wy that it was a great success. Prince Paul of Wy was, regrettably, unable to be there due to unavoidable duties in The Principality, and was extremely chagrined to have missed it.  Our Plenipotentiary Ambassador is hoping to make contact with dignitaries during his current tour of duty in London.

To compensate for his absence Prince Paul has created this respectful imaginary drawing in honour of the occasion, based on forwarded visual descriptions of the event. He is to be seen there “in spirit” on the balcony.