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Australian Watercolour Institute


With Claire Stockdale and John Cheeseman

The Australian Watercolour Institute continues the tradition of excellence that the art world of Sydney has been accustomed to in their 87th Anniversary Exhibition.The show will run right through December /January 2010 at the Mosman Gallery.  The AWI is a standard setter for this magical medium.  Diversity is here in style and subject matter from traditional to contemporary.  It is wonderful to see that all the movements in art which were combatants in the 20th century lie down peacefully with each other in the 21st. What was all the argument about? As we are aware in The Principality of Wy there are many rooms in the palace of art, all equally valid.

This medium really challenges, whereby the artist has no opportunity to fix a painting without risking losing spontaneity and freshness which  is the signature of the medium. Watercolourists are tightrope walkers,  is a sentiment suggested by Peter Pinson, a past president of the AWI.

Ian Chapman, Bob Baird, Sophie Dunlop and Vicki Parrish, are among the many JAAS graduates exhibiting as are current JAAS teachers Owen Thompson and Guy Troughton and Josefia Lemon.  Exhibitions organised by John Cheeseman, Director of the Mosman Gallery are always events.  On this occasions  Jane Rutter entertained the guests with  brilliant flute playing at the opening.

For those who do not have the opportunity to visit this fine exhibition The Australian Watercolour Institute website provides examples of the work and biographies of the members. You may acquire the beautifully presented 83rd Anniversary Book –  follow the links on the website