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The Serene Family in The Forest of Wy


The Serene Family in the Forest of Wy is a group portrait of The Serene Family painted soon after the announcement of The Secession of The Principality of Wy from Mosman, a seaside suburb in Sydney Australia. It was painted by Samuel Dare Wade an  Australian artist.

Samuel Wade is a young Australian painter who first came to Pauls notice when he was attending night classes at the Julian Ashton Art School, where Paul is the principal.  A teacher drew Paul’s attention to the superb drawings young Samuel, then aged 18, had been creating in his classes.  Harking from Tasmania, Samuel was finding the cost of living in Sydney prohibitive and was going to return to his island home. Paul suggested he submit work for one of the scholarships he had set up in the school for just this purpose – to help students in crucial times in their careers.  Samuel was awarded the Brett Whiteley Scholarship at the school for the following year and, incidentally, went on to win the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship at the AGNSW and The Alice Bale Travelling Scholarship in Melbourne. When Paul seceded from Mosman Samuel was pleased create a large oil painting entitled “The Serene Family in The Forest of Wy” pictured here.